No one knows when Simon was actually born, all we know is that Simon was born after the death of Christ. Simon has the amazing ability to see the future. He is the oldest and wisest thing on the planet. All the leaders looked up to Simon for his guidance and his leadership.




Born in the 1800s, Colonel Smith was the leader of the West Colony. Colonel Smith’s expertise was ground, air combat and fighting techniques. Colonel Smith was the tallest of all the leaders, very patriotic and like the others had many successful battles throughout history. Colonel Smith was also the strongest of all the leaders.




Colonel Menendez was born in the 1800s. She was the leader for the North Colony. Colonel Menendez expertise was ground combat and chemical warfare. She is the most intelligent and smartest of all the leaders. Colonel Menendez is Simon’s most trusted leader and they collaborated well together.



Born in the early 1600s, Colonel Reeves was the leader of the South Colony. Colonel Reeves was very stubborn and very radical in his thinking. Colonel Reeves has also been in many battles. His expertise was communication, however sometimes his views can be bias. Colonel Reeves was the second oldest to Simon.



Colonel Rick was born in the 1700s and was excellent in weaponry. Colonel Rick has been in many battles, and have won many wars. He is the leader for the East Colony.